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OSCEstop is an advanced virtual learning hub, dedicated to helping you excel in medical exams
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Learning notes
  • Access to all of our OSCE learning notes and questions
    • All you need to know for finals

    • Bite-sized knowledge summary

    • Visual infographics and tables

    • Memory tricks for effective study

    • Ad free

    • Key viva questions available to subscribers

  • All you need to know for final OSCEs
    • Mapped to the MLA

    • Covers high yield content required for exams

    • Includes common clinical pearls

  • Track your Learning
    • Users can mark learning content as complete

    • This ensures you cover all of the content needed for exams

    • Get a quick overview of your progress

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OSCE Stations
  • Features
    • Full unlimited access to 200+ OSCE stations

    • High yield stations and questions based on over 10 years worth of past OSCE exams from years 1-5!

    • OSCE stations based on recent exams

    • Interactive mark schemes

  • What makes your OSCE stations different?
    • Our mark schemes use the same format used in Medical Schools.

    • We use a cluster of marking points to give you a score ranging from “good” or “excellent”

    • This is a much more complicated way of scoring global performance but is a lot more representative of exams

  • Is there any interactive content?
    • Yes! Stations include interactive content including:

    • ECGs, chest x-rays, arterial blood gases, CT scans

    • Photos and videos of real clinical signs

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  • Details
    • In association with the experts in Medical Education Taylor Francis

    • Over 2500+ questions from 8 text-books worth £191

    • Answer and explanation included

    • Questions mapped to the Medical Licensing Assessment exam

    • Detailed statistics so you know what to focus on

  • Where's your content from?
    • We have partnered with the publisher Taylor & Francis, who produce the highest quality textbooks for Medical Students. We have included the following books in Qbank:

      💉 Complete Self Assessment for Medical and Surgical Finals

      💉 Get ahead! Medicine SBAs

      💉 Get ahead! Medicine EMQ

      💉 Get ahead! Surgery EMQs

      💉 Get ahead! Surgery SBAs

      💉 Get ahead! Specialities SBAs

      💉 Get ahead! Specialties EMQs

      💉 Questions for the Situational judgment Test

    • This gives a combined cost of £191

  • Track your performance
    • Qbank displays detailed insights into your learning. Ensuring you focus on the information you need to know

    • Qbank uses adaptive AI to show you the most relevant questions tailored to you

      *This feature requires users to complete a minimum of 250 questions!