> Everything you need to know for medical school OSCEs in one book

> A printed version of all of our most popular notes from the site relevant to medical students

> Reformatted into an condensed easy-to-read A4 note format

> Comprehensive yet concise

> We made the notes so you don't have to!

> Summarised and succinct

> Number 1 best selling medical education book on Amazon

> 5 star rated with over 500 reviews

> 376 pages packed full of content!

Everything you need for my OSCE finals. OSCE pages are everything you need to prepare for

Megan - UoG

Thank you SO MUCH for the amazing educational resource. I've tried lots of platforms and books with mock OSCE stations and yours is by far and away the best I've tried

Ed - UoE

Medical students? Get this right away. So helpful for OSCEs but also general clinical learning and understanding. Wish I had brought it sooner

Emma - Amazon review

It has absolutely everything for medical school, so many histories with detailed differential diagnoses, how to approach emergencies, commonly prescribed drugs... Every kind go examination you'll ever need in OSCEs

Anonymous Amazon review

Simple to use... everything you need for finals

Simon - KCL

The OSCE lifesaver guide! I absolutely love this book, it has single handedly helped my through OSCEs

E. Hasan

How does the book content differ from the website?

The book is a printed version of all of our most popular online learning content/notes relevant to medical students. It also includes subscription-only note sections. Content is condensed and reformatted to fit into a single book that is easy to navigate and revise from. It is 376 pages long and packed full!

The book does not include any OSCE stations, or the end-of-notes viva questions. Many of the beautiful images from the site are included in colour in the book, but not all of them. As the book is focussed to medical student finals, the 'advanced' notes (e.g. lumbar puncture, chest drain, paediatric IV fluids etc.) are not included.

The book is a great revision tool and perfect for people who like notes on paper. It is fully comprehensive. You can also add your own notes by writing in the book!

Do you deliver internationally?

Yes we do!

Try YPD books – click here. They also deliver to Europe and Australia. For cheap international postage use discount codeInternational10

Amazon UK also deliver internationally - click here. However, they do not deliver to the rest of Europe, or Australia. No discount code is available for Amazon.

Will I get online access if I buy the book?

No. Unfortunately, we do not offer this as part of the book purchase. If you prefer to view content online, you can subscribe instead (or as well!). The online subscription allows access to all the same content in an online format but also contains lots of OSCE viva questions and access to hundreds of OSCE stations.

Do you have a PDF or eBook?

We do not have a PDF or eBook. However, you can get access to all the book notes and more online by subscribing to our site – click here

What's the difference between the book and the online OSCE membership?

Our OSCE book is the number-one selling medical exam book on Amazon. It contains a condensed, printed version of all the OSCE learning content from the site.

The online subscription contains all the information in the book in an online format plus additional online-only content:

1. Access to a bank of over 200 OSCE stations with detailed mark schemes

2. Mock exams

3. OSCE viva questions on many topics 

4. More pictures, plus videos and sounds of common signs

What is the format of the book?

It is a paperback book, 376 pages and A4 size. It is mainly black & white (note format) but has some great colour images and diagrams. It has 9 chapters, just like the website. It covers all you need to know for medical school OSCEs and practical exams in a really easy to navigate format!

Can I get any discount?

- Discount codes are available at YPD books – click here

- For cheap international delivery, use discount code: International10

Any other questions?

Please email us: [email protected]

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