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About us

At OSCEstop we are passionate about medical education and have designed this bespoke service from the ground up to facilitate students preparing for OSCE examinations.

We are the authors behind the number one selling Medical Student OCSE book on Amazon. This expert knowledge has been put into this new interactive platform.

Our goal is create better doctors by empowering students to take charge of their learning.

Our learning strategy

Our learning strategy is through three different approaches:

  1. OSCE learning – covering core topics in medical school curriculum
    • Key domains include: history, examination, vivas, ABCDE, procedures, interpretation, prescribing, communication, reviewing patients
  2. OSCE stations – covers common clinical presentations seen in practice
    • Key domains include: medicine, surgery, communication, ABCDE, psychiatry, data interpretation, paediatrics, O&G
    • Stations allow students to simulate clinical cases in a safe, controlled environment
  3. Questions & Viva practice
    • OSCE examination learning notes are integrated with key questions in order to test knowledge
    • Focused questions which are commonly encountered in clinical practice.

If you’re a learning institution, we offer a group membership option at a discounted price per user. We give you the option to administrate your own users on the platform giving you complete control who has access.

Why choose us as your provider?

  • OSCEstop has over 10 years of experience in medical education.
  • Institutional access gives students full access to the site including:
    • Access to all of our OSCE stations
    • Access to all of our OSCE learning including interactive questions
    • Click here to get more information regarding individual membership benefits
  • If this is something you think your students would benefit from, please fill out the form below and a member of our team will be in contact to arrange a meeting.

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