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OSCEstop platform

We created OSCEstop because we were struggling to find resources that contained the information we needed to become clinicians and aid revision for OSCE exams.

After releasing our book on Amazon, we received countless emails from medical students, junior doctors and other healthcare professionals asking us to create an online OSCE platform to access all the OSCE notes online and create an online bank of interactive OSCE stations.

We have listened, and have been spending a year creating this platform from the ground up in order to give our users what they need. Our OSCE notes are and will always be free to access! Our stations and additional content require a subscription to help fund the site.

Innovative OSCE leaning

We aim to help you achieve OSCE exam success in three strategic ways:

  1. Free and accessible OSCE learning notes, from history taking and clinical examination skills to interpretation and management

  2. OSCE questions and vivas practice

  3. Hundreds of interactive practice OSCE stations mirrored to medical school exams


Core OSCE Learning

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