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With OSCEstop's modern educational approach, you are set to master your medical exams and excel as a healthcare professional.
Is this you?

Does this sound familiar...

We’ve been there ourselves. We tried every resource… lecture slides, textbooks, YouTube videos, question banks. None of them were right for us.

You feel overwhelmed with the amount of resources available
But you can’t find one that covers everything.
You’re studying hard but not getting the top grades
When your friends seem to be working less and scoring higher.
You’ve got limited time and want to maximise your productivity
Between placements, lectures, and assignments, there isn’t much time left to study.
You’re covering a topic
But they are often out of date and you need so many to cover the whole curriculum.
You don’t know where to start
Because medicine is such a big topic! Every resource seems to go into micro detail.
It goes in one ear, out the other.
You’ve covered the information but it isn’t sticking.
You’re covering a topic
But studying isn’t helping the questions or clinical situations coming up on placement or in exams.
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OSCEstop is as a comprehensive learning hub, dedicated to helping you excel in your medical exams and propel you forward in your clinical career.
OSCE Learning
Explore our expert written notes. They cover all core clinical presentations, simplify key national guidelines and leave behind their relevant background information. The perfect companion to your medical education and exams.
OSCE Stations
Hone your OSCE practice with our 200+medical school OSCE stations. Get personalised feedback, learning links and track your progress to score top marks.
Experience questions that closely resemble those you'll encounter in your written medical school exams. Our 2000+ question bank is a compilation of 8+ question books published by our partner Taylor Francis, the experts in medical education, and complemented with updates and questions from our OSCEstop experts.