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We have partnered with the publisher Taylor & Francis, who produce the highest quality textbooks for Medical Students. We have included the following books in Qbank:

💉 Complete Self Assessment for Medical and Surgical Finals

💉 Get ahead! Medicine SBAs

💉 Get ahead! Medicine EMQ

💉 Get ahead! Surgery EMQs

💉 Get ahead! Surgery SBAs

💉 Get ahead! Specialities SBAs

💉 Get ahead! Specialties EMQs

💉 Questions for the Situational judgment Test

This gives a combined cost of £191


In addition this OSCEstop experts have created 1000+ questions. These include comprehensive questions on; prescribing, data interpretations and topics based on your feedback.

What makes us different?

💉 All our content is made by doctors in their specialist field. Other sources don't have the same scrutiny on where their information comes from

💉 Our questions cover the core curriculum as required by the GMC's Outcomes for Doctors which all Medical Schools follow. This ensures everything you need to know is covered

💉 We think our innovative platform provides you with the best resources to help you pass your exams

What does my online OSCE membership give me access to?

Your subscription will give you access to the whole site.

This includes all: learning, stations and Qbank

Can I buy one part of OSCEstop?

Unfortunately not. All of our subscriptions will give you access to the whole of the OSCEstop site. This includes all our: Learning, OSCE stations and Qbank

Will I get a copy of the OSCEstop textbook?

Unfortunately not. This isn't included in the price of your subscription. You can purchase a copy here.

The website contains all the information from the book with the most up to date content. In addition to the OSCE learning, you will get access to all 150+ OSCE stations and OSCE viva questions

Is this subscription suitable for physician assistance, advanced nurse practitioners, paramedics and other allied health professionals?

Yes! We have lots of allied health professions tell us how useful our platform is to their education! Our learning, OSCE stations and Qbank feature a broad range of topics that are applicable to healthcare.

Is this subscription useful for pre-clinical students?

Yes! We have lots of topics that cover core topics that you need to prepare for exams in pre-clinical years. Our Qbank includes lots of questions on anatomy, physiology and basic sciences. Our learning and stations include commonly examined topics including examination and histories essential to pre-clinical years.

Do subscriptions auto-renew?

Yes, all our subscriptions will auto-renew. You are able to cancel your subscription at any time from your profile.

Who do I contact if I need support

After logging in you will have access to a support section for account issues and to suggest a feature. (Head over to Profile > Support, or click here if you're logged in.

Or you can email [email protected]

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