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Advanced OSCE stations

Most online platforms count up raw marks and give you a Score.

We're different! Our mark schemes use the same format used in Medical Schools.

We use a minimum score to score "good" or "excellent" in a marking domain.

This is a much more complicated way of scoring global performance but is a lot more representative of real life.

Track your progress

Our users can track their learning.

Once you're happy with a OSCE Learning or OSCE Station you can tick "Mark as complete"

This will update your progress for that section.

And will update your site learning overall in your statistics.

Advanced statistics

Users can access statistics from their dashboard.

This gives you a breakdown of what you've covered on the platform.

This allows you to focus on the areas you need to focus on.

What makes us different

Our content is written and reviewed by UK doctors who are experts in their field.

Our online content is continually reviewed and updated as new guidelines are published.

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Many more

It has absolutely everything for medical school, so many histories with detailed differential diagnoses, how to approach emergencies, commonly prescribed drugs..every kind go examination you’ll ever need in osces


Thank you SO MUCH for the amazing educational resource. I’ve tried lots of platforms and books with mock OSCE stations and yours is by far and away the best I’ve tried


An amazing resource! It covers a wide range of topics from histories to prescribing and has an array of pictures in colour which really help. I love the fact that it’s easy to read and summarises key points that I need to know. This is probably the best resource I have come by so far!! I will definitely be referring to this for my third year OSCEs and my finals!!!


Medical students? Get this right away. So helpful for OSCEs but also general clinical learning and understanding. Wish I had brought it sooner


How do I use the stations?

We have designed the stations to be used in small groups. This can either be in a group of 3 people (1 examiner, 1 patient actor, and 1 student) or a group of 2 (combined examiner/actor and a student)

We advise practising under 'exam conditions' in order to get the most out of the stations.

What does my online OSCE membership give me access to?

1. Access to over 200 OSCE stations with detailed mark schemes

2. Fully interactive with time keeping, electronic scoring and detailed feedback

3. Numerous pictures, videos and recordings of real examination findings and clinical signs to test you knowledge

4. Complete mock exams

5. Access to all our OSCE notes and learning content

6. OSCE viva questions on topics 

What are the OSCE stations

The OSCE stations are created to test your knowledge from our OSCE learning. They are the most complete way to prepare for your OSCE exams. Click here to see the OSCE stations on offer.

OSCE station key features:

1. Over 200 detailed OSCE stations

2. Comprehensive electronic mark schemes

3. Numerous clinical signs to test your knowledge

4. Personalised feedback

Who do I contact if I need support

After logging in you will have access to a support section for account issues and to suggest a feature.

Or you can email [email protected]

Will I get a copy of the OSCEstop textbook?

Unfortunately not. This isn't included in the price of your subscription. You can purchase a copy here.

The website contains all the information from the book with the most up to date content. In addition to the OSCE learning, you will get access to all 150+ OSCE stations and OSCE viva questions

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