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Rapid tranquilisation of agitated patient at risk to self/others

Ensure safety of patient and others

  • Try to calm patient down
  • Move patient to a safe place (or move other patients and staff)
  • Call security to be in background and intervene if needed

Try alternative management first

  • Turn on the lights 
  • Explain where they are, the time and ascertain their concerns
  • See if a relative can come in or has any advice
  • Try verbal de-escalation, conflict resolution, positive behaviour

General points

  • Only to be used as a last resort if an agitated patient is at risk to themselves or others
  • Use half doses in elderly or renal impariement
  • Always offer oral route first
  • Oral therapy takes 45-60 minutes to take effect; IM therapy takes 30 minutes
  • Observations should be undertaken every 15-30 minutes
  • Ensure you clearly document what you have done and why

Rapid tranquilisation protocol

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